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An Easy Guide To An Environmentally Friendlier Lifestyle

Aren’t pollution, global warming and climate change the buzzwords of the century? Well, they ought to be as our environment is affected by the small choices we make every day. Our everyday choices can actually make an impact on the health of the environment. Additionally, these little changes do not cause inconvenience and can also help you save some money. So, you can have a lighter conscience and an extra bottle of wine.


Here’s an easy guide to lead an environmentally friendlier lifestyle


  1. Open Your Blinds and Windows

Switch to using natural light during the day and when the weather’s good open that window. The energizing sunlight and the calming air will definitely make you feel happier and healthier. Use natural light and air as much as possible, it will cut down your electricity consumption. The lesser the consumption, the lesser you have to pay.


  1. Fight Vampire Power

Okay no, that’s not what it is. When you leave an electricity switch on while not using it, some power will always bleed out. A little power doesn’t seem like much? Well, you can end up spending up to $159 per year on the standby power of a big screen TV. Now, try and calculate how much you might be spending on the standby power of microwaves, printers and other appliances. Isn’t it just better to turn the switch off?


  1. Donate items you don’t use

Rather than just throwing away your old clothes, shoes and even furniture when you need some new one, give it to someone who might use it. The things that you throw away have more chance of polluting the environment than getting recycled. So, you not only just reduce pollution by donating but also help someone. Now, that’s a good 1+1 offer.


  1. Use reusable bags at the grocery store

Yes, no one’s crazy about all the plastic bags we get from the grocery store but we often forget to take our own bag. Keep a few reusable bags in your car. Even if you forget to take the bags from your home, you can always run back to your car and get them.


  1. Use reusable containers at home

Not only will your cupboards will look more organised but you will save yourself from the task of finding a new container every time you get something.


  1. Use a reusable water bottle

Take a water bottle with you every time you step out of your home. It will only save you the trouble of buying a water bottle and then finding a trash can to throw it too.


  1. Opt for paperless billing

Is your answer to “Would you like a bill?” based on nothing too? Now, you have an answer and a reason too. Opt for paperless billing, you will reduce paper waste plus the mess of receipts it creates.


  1. Pay your bills electronically

You can avoid going out and continue watching Netflix, plus you save fuel and again the paper wastage.


  1. Fix any leaky faucets to prevent water waste

A single leaky faucet wastes 3 litres of water per day i.e., 90 litres of water a month. It can cost you $20 a month. Doesn’t seem much? That’s the amount for a single faucet, the amount for your entire home can easily go up to $100 a month. That’s literally $100 dollars a month down the drain.



  1. Turn old t-shirts into cleaning rags

You really don’t need to waste your money on buying rags when you can easily use old t-shirts instead. Just cut off the sleeves if you want and you have the perfect rag.

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