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Plantable Stationery

Ever wondered what happens to those thirty pens you throw out after cleaning your room? Now imagine the total of pens your classmates will throw away, your city and the entire United States. Well, most probably these pens will end up in a landfill. Most of these will never get recycled and take thousands of years to get decomposed. Even after they start breaking down, the plastic will remain in the environment as microplastic. This microplastic will be ingested by many animals and make their way to you through the food chain.

Lately, not only pens but more and more stationery products are being made out of plastic due to its durability and cheaper prices. From wooden scales to plastic ones, wooden pencils to mechanical pencils, hard-covered diaries to plastic covers, everything is being made from plastic. This plastic will not only harm the environment but will also come back to harm you. 

At Ecoshop, we are thriving to produce eco-friendly and biodegradable products. These products help you make twofold contribution towards saving the environment. Firstly, you will be producing lesser plastic waste. Secondly, these products can be planted to grow into beautiful plants.

We offer a variety of stationery at reasonable prices with attractive designs. We have plantable seed pencils which come in three variants of classic, premium and colouring. These pencils are made from recycled paper and can be easily sharpened with a regular sharpener. The seed is named behind every pencil and comes with planting instructions. The pencils are coloured with non-toxic food grade dyes thus reducing the leeching of toxic substances into the soil and then into the groundwater reserve.

We offer other products like pens, notepads, envelopes, stationery kits, boxes, calendars etc. Even the pens contain 4x times lesser plastic than the regular pens. Whiles, the paper pens only contain 10% of the plastic in a regular pen. We also provide customisation services for all the products. You can get these products customised for your organisation, making a statement about its thoughtful and environment-friendly nature.

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